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 ombeni MaleoHello my name is Ombeni Eliakimu Maleo I am a school teacher in Queretaro, Mexico. I was inspired to establish the Awaking Education Center where I grew up in Tanzania in a little mountain village called Meru in the area of Arusha in northern Tanzania.

Some children are not getting an education

 In Meru there is only one government primary school built by British colonialists about 60 years ago which has 8 classrooms and each classroom has 100 students with one teacher. This school has no electricity, no water, and no glass in the windows. One book is shared by five students and some students do not have a place to sit they just sit on the floor which makes them uncomfortable during the learning period.

I acquired land to build a school.

I am looking forward to making donations from my safari business to support these children helping them to facilitate their education and give them skills and knowledge that will help them to create change in their lives and break the cycle of poverty for their families and offer opportunity for the future generations.

We need your help to build the school.

I am believing in the power of education to change lives. I will build a new school on land that my parents left to me so the orphans and children from families too poor to attend the government school can be educated. And I will train teachers and provide the resources that the school needs. But I cannot do this entirely by myself I need the support and cooperation of people like you who can donate; for materials for my family, friends and neighbors to build the school, for books for the children and for desks and equipment for the new schools.

  You may contribute here directly if you wish.

 Awakening Enlightenment is nonprofit organization in Tanzania with a Bright Future; to open an Academy wanted to provide education where children can have access and opportunity of getting education and choice.

 At Awakening ENLIGHTENMENT Education we believe in the power of education to change lives. By building a school, training teachers and providing the resources that schools need, we can help break the cycle of poverty and offer inspiration and opportunity to Africa’s future generations.

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TANZANIA +225 762 289 442

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